What is house flipping?
Is it for me?

Flipping houses involves buying a property, renovating, and selling it for a profit.
Before you consider buying a home to fix and flip with KAPPA HOMES, it’s important to understand the full scope of the process

Factors that  we consider to flip houses

  1. The price of the home.How affordable is the home you’re considering? Remember, you want to be able to mark up the price once you relist it, so it’s important there’s room to grow. If you’re buying a home at the maximum price it will go for in the area, then you’re not likely to earn a profit, especially once you spend cash fixing it up. KAPPA HOMES will find a good deal that fit your needs.
  2. Local market conditions. What is local buying demand like? Is it likely you’ll be able to sell the home in a few months? Is there lots of other inventory to compete with? Again, our real estate experts are very knowledgeable of the markets areas.
  3. The condition and location of the home. How much repair work will the home need? Are there major issues, like foundation cracks or roof leaks to fix, or is it all minor and aesthetic? KAPPA HOMES counts with a variety of contractors companies that are able to remodel the property within budget.
  4. Budget, credit or financing. Do you have enough money to cover the cost of the home, closing costs, and all the expenses associated with repairs, upgrades, marketing, and selling it? If not, how is your credit? You can choose your own lender or KAPPA HOMES will help you find a loan officer to understand your options.
  5. Selling the property. You can lean on KAPPA HOMES’ expertise for pricing.

If flipping a house seems like a smart financial investment for you,
then KAPPA HOMES is the best choice that can help you along the way.

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